Guess what this means!

That’s right! We’re gearing up for 2012 Fiber-in. We’ll be at the I-Drive Radison Hotel September 21 & 22. Come see what was freed from these ties.

Introducing Long and Stong Sampson

It’s been a wonderful spring in Lake Wo Florida. One bad thing about Florida is that we don’t really have season changes, but that’s also a great thing because when the sky is clear and the temperature is right, it’s time to be outside. As previously mentioned I took a mini vacation to see some buddies in Miami and took some great pictures. Here are just a few:

They’ve inspired some of the newly dyed yarn we delivered today to Sip and Knit: Biscayne Bay, Life Jacket, Turtle Kiss, and Traveler’s Palm. Some of these color combinations are in our last roving update. You’ll also notice when you stop in the store that they’re on a new yummy base and have extra yardage. Please come and pet Long and Strong Sampson Sock 125 grams and 480 yards of 90% superwash merino with 10% nylon.

New Roving available!

After a little respite in Miami, I thought some new Florida inspired colors were due.
Enjoy! They can be found at our Etsy shop.

Updates for the etsy shop!

We’re adding new things to etsy all the time!

These just went up at

We’ve got new sets of ladybug spinning wheel knobs as well as sock yarn and roving.

We also have new striping sock yarn at Sip and Knit!

Orlando Fiber-In 2011

We’re excited to be going to the Orlando Fiber-in this year. We’ll be there on Sunday, September 18th in the morning for a few hours.
Here’s a taste of what we’re bringing:

Just look for the alligator!

You’ll recognize the “sky” from my hand-spun yarn in a previous post! The grey is from a friend formerly known as The Yarnside

Shroomie Yarn!!

Didah!! The yarn is out of the jar and was surprisingly bright yellow straight out of the jar. It has mellowed out to a delicate tan. I’m also trying out some new fiber wash from Unicorn so it should have a very lovely lavender scent instead of stinky mushroom sock that has been perfuming the air for the past week. I’m quite happy with this and if the mushrooms keep popping up at work every few months, I should be able to dye more of this color.


I finally got up the nerve (and time) to use the mushroom juice I collected so many months ago. We did a batch of cotton yarn for Sip and Knit and it just happens to need the same chemicals for the mushroom juice. This is what it looks like after two days:

I’m a little concerned that it seems to be fermenting and making a lot of air bubbles which the juice alone doesn’t do. I’ll check the yarn tomorrow.

Color update

Just a quick note that you will soon see these beauties at Sip & Knit in Maitland:
Angora, bamboo and wool blend sock yarn, bulkies in alpaca and wool

It’s back!

When we were first testing this site, my husband made a few fake products to populate that portion of the store. Our favorite was this description:

“100% Genuine Hobo Beard Hair
All of our Hobo Hair Fiber is made from actual hobo hair from actual hobos that have been certified to have ridden a minimum of 1,000 miles on a freight train. Unlike some other spinners, we refuse to allow time spent on passenger trains to count in this total.”

At the time this described this lovely batt from Politically Incorrect Yarns.

Well we now have our own line of beard hair: Batty Blends created by whim and our new Louet drum carder. Most of these can be seen at our Etsy version of this store.

I couldn’t stand it and started spinning some of my own. I’ll post those in a couple days when they’re dry. I do have to say they are really fun and create some unusally textured yarn.