Santa Came Early

I we are now an authorized Louet dealer! We will soon have Wenslydale fiber up for sale as well as batts, because we now have the Elite drum carder from Louet. I had fun with it the other night combing some pink and purple roving that we dyed.




Kiara also had a good time rolling around on the packing paper. She needs to send Louet a “thank you” letter for all the empty boxes they sent just for her.

being helpful

Phat Fiber – Setember Farmer’s Market

Those of you who have seen the video may  want some  of these:

etsy phat fiber

Our plan was to bring some tropical flavors to the party, so we have fresh blueberries, papayas, cherries, kumquats, watermelons, lychee, and plantains.

A few are available for sale in our Etsy store.  If we run through and you would like more, we will redye.  We can do those colorways on different fibers.  We currently have BFL top, BFL superwash top, MCN top, seacell blend top, and sock yarns.  Please keep in mind that different fibers take color differently and that this is a 2nd take, so they may not be identical.   Please feel free to email us.


I just finished counting how many yards I got off that bobbin… 406!! It’s going to make a perfect pair of socks.

I think it can handle such abuse ;)

and now for a color update!! We’ve been dying to get ready for the September Phat Fiber box, so I can’t show everything (and it’s killing me) but here’s a quick pic of what will be out soon.

Color update!

I’m so excited because I found this silly website that makes mosaics for me. So here are this weeks new colors!
We also opened an etsy site for those of you who like to make wish lists.

Check out my tub!

New color update– this set was inspired by the Venture Brothers.