First for the year

I’m a lucky girl this year! My husband hunted down a foot for me for my birthday. Don’t worry he didn’t go all Big Lebowski on me (“A toe! I can get you a toe”) it’s a mannequin foot, but he did admit that it was strange calling up stores asking for a foot. She’s a women’s 8 and I think I’ll name her Lola.

My friend Joscelyn is the first recipient of socks for the year. She has little feet like I do, so Lola’s fit is snug. The pattern is Kwalla from Alice Yu’s Socktopus. I was one of her test knitters for the new book.

Lola showing off a red zauberball sock from Socktopus

Joscelyn also got a V Junkie made of Unisono

and Oni got the test knit of Flori di Zucca made with Fresh from the Cauldron

A personal first for me is that I finished a shawl! It’s just the Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark. It’s made of S. Charles Collezione Luna and I replaced the nupps with beads. I was smart enough to do a miniature test of them and while they’re an impressive looking stitch, they’re not pleasant to create.

New socks!

I’ve been knitting socks furiously this month. Depending on the pattern and size I think I’m down to about 6-8 days for a pair. I’m of course just personally impressed that my speed is picking up or maybe I’m just squeaking out more minutes in the day to knit. :) It’s hard to say.
This is the newest pair, made of the very first thing I ever dyed–a flat from Knit Picks and Heritage silk. The pattern is adapted from Kris Carlson’s mitten pattern Tourbillon

I’m not sure which is brighter, my ankle skin, that obviously never sees the light of day, or the blues in the sock! I am super pleased with both the fit of the sock and the feel of the yarn.

I also designed a pattern for my mom’s friend, who nurses abandoned baby squirrels back to health. I’ve been experimenting with double stitching the tail to make it fluffy, but I’m not convinced. I think i need to find a way to brush out the fuzz. This pattern may become available when I can clean it up.

I also made a couple of pairs of Komet from Stephanie van der Linden
I looks great in hand dye and solids. Again I apologize for my shockingly pale leg. I’m going to owe you all sunglasses soon so you won’t be blinded by the glare.

Happy Halloween Everybody!

Everybody have a fun and safe Halloween!

Alan Dart’s Witch in my handspun, Fearless Fibers and Regia. Let her boil over with a little roving too.


Kimberly made some beautiful socks and I just had to share them because she’s being shy.

pink socks


Kimberly was digging through Sip & Knit and found a forgotten sock club batch of Fresh From the Cauldron in a yummy color which will remain anonymous here. But she wanted it so badly, that she made a sock pattern to get the club moving again. I got to test it on my own yarn of course. It still needs to be washed and blocked (and knitted a couple more inches) but i think its a beautiful lace stitch.

oooo Lookie what Kimberly made!

I have to make a special thanks to Kimberly for my new favorite sweater. She picked up some maaaalibrigo lace from Stitches South and made the bestest sweater for me!

Featherweight by Hannah Fettig

it’s definitely going on my trip to Albuquerque

The latest pair of socks

Yes, it’s another pair of socks.
I’m always looking for something new to try though. This time I Navajo plied some of Noro’s new lace weight for quite a lovely effect.

pattern is modified from Cookie A’s Kai-Mae.