Orlando Fiber-In 2011

We’re excited to be going to the Orlando Fiber-in this year. We’ll be there on Sunday, September 18th in the morning for a few hours.
Here’s a taste of what we’re bringing:

Just look for the alligator!

You’ll recognize the “sky” from my hand-spun yarn in a previous post! The grey is from a friend formerly known as The Yarnside


Kimberly thought the mushroom-dyed yarn still smelled like stinky socks, so I washed it again. All those pretty highlights washed out!! So back to the drawing board. I boiled it with another batch of juice and ammonia, so now it looks like this:

It’s not as pretty as the first shot, but it seems to be sticking this time. I’m eagerly awaiting someone with a better nose than mine to let me know if it still smells if fungus is among us.

Shroomie Yarn!!

Didah!! The yarn is out of the jar and was surprisingly bright yellow straight out of the jar. It has mellowed out to a delicate tan. I’m also trying out some new fiber wash from Unicorn so it should have a very lovely lavender scent instead of stinky mushroom sock that has been perfuming the air for the past week. I’m quite happy with this and if the mushrooms keep popping up at work every few months, I should be able to dye more of this color.


I finally got up the nerve (and time) to use the mushroom juice I collected so many months ago. We did a batch of cotton yarn for Sip and Knit and it just happens to need the same chemicals for the mushroom juice. This is what it looks like after two days:

I’m a little concerned that it seems to be fermenting and making a lot of air bubbles which the juice alone doesn’t do. I’ll check the yarn tomorrow.

Check out my tub!

New color update– this set was inspired by the Venture Brothers.


I have three cats who love to ship yarn.  Please keep that in mind when you purchase products from us.  The yarn has been washed and packaged without their assistance, but I can’t guarantee that there won’t be a stray hair.    I too have allergies so please let us know if you have any questions.