Great for skeining that yarn

PVC niddy-noddy

18″ PVC niddy-noddy makes 2 yard or 2 foot skeins
This is strictly a utilitarian tool.
While not the prettiest tool in your bag, this afforable niddy-noddy
can be a girl’s best friend.

Joint in the middle allows for reduction of size and easy storage.

It can also double as a nostepinne.

You will only receive enough parts to make ONE niddy-noddy. Photo
represents an assembled and disassembled niddy-noddy.

Please let us know if you would like the arms glued or not.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Paint and decorate at your own risk. Drips visible in photo are PVC primer. It will not come off on your yarn.

Scratched dinning room table not included.

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