I had a ton of fun yesterday at the Brooksville Pioneer Day even though it was cold. Yes, it gets cold here on occasion. Thanks to everybody who came by to say Hi. I’m sorry I didn’t catch everyone’s name. Lorel came up with me from Orlando to sit and spin. We had a few other spinners with us as well as a weaver, a crochetter, and a lucet knotter. There was cow milking right behind us which then then churned into butter and ice cream, a turkey caller, and authentic camp of a trapper, a mini barnyard, palmetto leaf weavers, acorn bread, a Seminole, corn husk dollies, and a quilting bee. I was surprised how many of the spectators dressed up. Everyone was super nice and all the kids were curious to try out our drum carder. I think I had the best pulled pork sandwich I’ve ever had.

After the festival, I went to see Kimberly at The Woodland Hills Alpaca Farm . She is a most gracious host and I picked up a ton of goodies from her. If you ever feel like you need an education on how to pick a fleece, she is an excellent choice. I’m excited to be dying some of the fleeces that I picked up.