These just went up at

We’ve got new sets of ladybug spinning wheel knobs as well as sock yarn and roving.

We also have new striping sock yarn at Sip and Knit!

Ladybug knobs

My brother has been cranking out knobs for everyone. Who knew these would be so popular :)
I thought I’d just put an update of shapes up. We have royal blue, pink, and red in solid colors and
an array of shaded colors for an extra $1. The star shapes can have 3, 4, or 5 legs. When
you email us for pre-orders, please tell us what shape and color you would like. We’re trying to
catch up with the pre-orders so that a few will be for open sale, please keep checking back in!


My brother made some awsome ladybugs instead of the original knobs!! If you’re interested in purchasing some for yourself, please contact us.
A red set will be $6. Custom blended colors are also availble for a little more. I’ll send you a photo of what colors are available.

Thanks Steven!

My plastic nuts for my Ladybug’s Lazy Kate have been popping off ever since my husband installed the kate on my wheel when I wasn’t looking. I have to preface this with the fact that I’m the handy one. He’s a programer. He’s a fantastic programer (and set up this site for me), but I own the 18 volt cordless drill and have since my freshman year of college. Anyway it’s been bugging me that the nuts have been disappearing in my car every time I take it on a trip. So my brother made me new ones!!

He has a Cupcake Maker Bot and makes cool stuff. It’s basically a 3-D printer that shoots out a spaghetti string of heated plastic. I thoroughly approve. He’s promised me some silly shapes as well. Thanks Steven!

and the fiber is our own Nautilus Seacell