Etsy update

We just posted our new Bixby sock base. It’s a lovely blend of bamboo and wool that is soft, shiny, and strong. I highly recommend it for summer socks. It’s definately going to be a favorite here in Florida. We also put out a few more colors of bags. Enjoy!

Distaff Day 2011

We had a great day yesterday at Distaff Day. I can’t believe how far I’ve come in the fiber world in such short time. I went the first time, two years ago and was so fascinated and almost overwhelmed by all the spinning wheels and projects everyone had. I do want to thank everyone who bought something from us yesterday, both destash and Shenanigans products. Every bit helps so that we can expand our line. In the next couple of months we’ll be partnering with Sip & Knit in Maitland to carry Ashford spinning wheels. Please feel free to call Doni at the store about pre-ordering. Here’s a couple of pictures of our new friends:

Kathryn spinning our Wenslydale/Corriedale blend

Finger Licking Good!

I just had to show off Nancy’s mittens!! She spun up some of our Sampson Top and knitted these fabulous mittens just in time for our two days of cold weather for this year. Great job!! Nancy is one of the members of the Drunken Monkey Spinners who meet once a month at the Drunken Monkey coffee shop.

C is for

Cookies! I haven’t posted in a little while, so I just wanted to let everyone know I’ve been a little busy. We dyed up a huge batch of yarn for Sip & Knit a few weeks ago and then I jumped into making Ultimate Sock Bags. It also ’tis the season to make cookies! Kimberly and I slaved all day to make some yummy cookies. Sorry we haven’t added scratch and sniff to our website yet. We hope to have another huge dye coming up. We’ll also have the December Phat Fiber colors up soon.

Kimberly in the Act

Knitting Knancy sporting her new bag

More bags can be found at our Etsy website.

Happy Birthday Doni!

Doni has been a huge support for our little company since we started dying. She has let us display our products in her shop, pursued new products for us, and given us helpful critiques. Not only that, but Sip & Knit gave me a new outlet for friends. Tuesday Night Knitting is my Zen moment and highlight of every week. If you stop by today make sure to wish Doni a happy birthday!

yummy- Another Mirium Masterpiece

Come see us!

We’ll be at the Brooksville Pioneer Festival November 6th with the Drunken Monkey Spinners and Knead to Knit. Kimberly and I of course are bringing our wheels.

Pioneer Flyer 8-10-1

Customer Appreciation!

We of course appreciate all of your purchases and love to get feed back.

Alice was nice enough to let me borrow one of her pictures. Not only is she one of our favorite customers, but she’s also taught me a lot about spinning.
She favors her homemade drop spindles made from all kinds of found objects.

Alice's handspun from our Turanga Top- superwash BFL

October Steampunk Phat Fiber

The October box is out and we’re second in the third video


This is what the full size “Nixie Tubes” looks like. If you would like one, Please email us and we will redye them for you!

shroom shroom shroom

I boiled down my parking lot booty this morning. I’ve been trying to research exactly what type of mushroom I have. I believe them to be poisonous Boletes. They were growing under an oak tree. They have no gills. I assure you i didn’t taste them, but they bruised blue when I cut them. I have two lovely jars of honey colored water now. The next step is to choose a mordant and a fiber.

double double boil and bubble

don'don't drink the water

those of you with good eyes will notice that there are some tiny mushrooms with gills in the middle. I haven’t identified them yet. I don’t think there were enough of them to do much.

Happy Birthday Joscelyn!

Just finished a pair of socks for Joscelyn. She picked out this yarn from Sip and Knit when she was here last December. The yarn looked like it would stripe, so I tried to find a pattern that would shift it. I started with Skew from, but it’s knitted entirely on the bias, so it’s really hard to size. I’m going to have to read her blog because the knitty version even after shortening the toe was at least an inch too wide and really baggy at the heel. So RIPIT and I started over with Outside-In…it’s a really simple stitch pattern and it looks great inside-out or v.v.

I’m starting an illusion sock next but it’s a surprise, so I’ll be posting pics after the holidays.