Fiber-In 2012

We had a great weekend and we hope all of you did too. Here are some of the highlights from our end of the room.

Guess what this means!

That’s right! We’re gearing up for 2012 Fiber-in. We’ll be at the I-Drive Radison Hotel September 21 & 22. Come see what was freed from these ties.


The gator in our logo is cute and fuzzy, but a couple of days ago we noticed some new buddies in our backyard. They totally explain the strange croaking we’ve heard for the past week. It almost sounded like an engine revving, but it was just mom talking to her new congregation. They’re very cute with their little stripes, but mama gators are no joke. I wish I wasn’t chicken or had a bigger telephoto lens. We think we’ve seen around six of these babies.

Thanks everybody for a great Distaff day!

We had another fantastic day at UCF today. I’m glad to see the attendance increase each year. I was so into the moment I forgot to take very many pictures, so anybody out there who has some, please let us know.

I thought Laurel was really sweet sharing her new batt.

A new shop to find Shenanigans yarn

We’re pleased to announce that we left some of our favorite skeins of yarn for you to come see and pet in person Four Purls Yarn Shop in Winter Haven. It’s an adorable shop filled with beautiful yarn and some happy knitters. We look forward to sending them more.

Fiber-In 2011

We were glad to meet some new and old friends today at the Fiber-In. We’ve been working furiously to have enough to bring. I hope everyone found something that they like and look forward to being there next year. We had fun hanging next to the spinning divas from Jacksonville who were nice enough to bring Politically Incorrect batts, Kathleen from Kathleens spin, the Funny Face Farm, and Four Purls!

Here’s a close up of what you missed: